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RSGB Foundation Course.


Further details: or ring 01438 489045 or or 07986 367 537

What the course involves.

You will need the £5 “Foundation Licence Now” book from RSGB or Rocket Radio.

1. Registration and payment.

This has to be done at least 12 working days before the exam.

You will need formal ID, as your licence will be a legal document.

Instruction on how to register with OFCOM will also be given.

2. Practical assignments are done on the Tuesday nights.

These have to be completed before the exam is taken.

3. Saturday, the Theory and any missing assignments are done.

A practice paper is provided for you to try.

4. Sunday Morning. The Practice paper is marked and any bits that were wrong are revised.

5. Sunday 12 noon you show your formal ID and take the test paper consisting of 25 multi-choice questions. This takes up to 45 minutes.

6. We mark your paper, give you the result then send it to OFCOM.

7. A week later, you go on-line and get your licence.


Intermediate Course.

Starts: TBA.

Ends: TBA.

Costs: Around £50

Advanced  Exam


Further details: or ring 01438 489045