Book Auction

SADARS has been given the following books by the family of the late Ron Pratt (G4DDX) with a request that any money made from them goes towards a memorial bench they are planning. Since we can’t meet and have a tabletop sale, I thought I’d try an auction here.

The list of books and magazines is below. Minimum bid per item 50p.

Winning bidders will be notified at the end of November and since G7CYQ is the auctioneer he is not in the bidding. Take a look at the list below and if there’s something you want then make an offer by email here before the end of November.

RSGB Radio Communication Handbook 5th Edition . Vols 1 and 21994
RSGB Radio Communication Handbook 6th Edition 1994
RSGB Yearbook2003
RSGB VHF/UHF Manual  D Evans, GR Jessop 2nd edition1972
RSGB VHF/UHF Manual  D Evans, GR Jessop 3d edition1976
RSGB Amateur Radio operating manual1979
RSGB Amateur Radio Techniques,   Pat Hawker 1968
RSGB Amateur Radio Circuits Book   GR Jessop  (Valves in the main)1964New Bid £15.00
RSGB Radio Data Handbook 5th Edition1985
ARRL The Radio Amateurs Handbook1975
ARRL Handbook2002
ARRL  Ham Radio Operating Guide1976
ARRL Operating Manual 4th edition 1991
ARRL QRP notebook1996£5.00 bid
SPRAT (4Volumes and some loose)1980-2020£20 bid
Many of the more recent in particular are missing
ARRL QRP Notebook1986£5.00 bid
ARRL:  Morse Code:  The essential Language1991£5.00 bid
ARRL Novice Antenna Handbook   Doug DeMaw1988
Practical Wire Antennas   John Heys1989£5.00 bid
25 Simple Amateur Band Aerials   EM Noll1983
DX and Dxpeditions
Where do we go next?  MJ Laine1991
Dxpeditioning behind the scenes, N Cheadle and S Telenius Lowe2000
RSGB Radio Amateurs Exam Manual   George Benbow1993
How to pass the RAE   Q&A   George Benbow1994
ARRL Tune in the World1985
Frequency allocations and tables
Radiocomms agency  Table of Frequency Allocations  9kHz-105GHz2001
Putting Scanners into practice   Peter Rouse1994
The complete VHF/UHF Frequency Guide   (Waters and Stanton)1986
The UK Scanning Directory1992
RSGB Amateur Radio Software1985
Elimination of Electrical Noise     Don Pinnock2010
World at their Fingertips  (History of RSGB), John Clarricoats1967
QRV:   Journal of the RAF Amateur Radio Society1989-1999Many  missing
RSGB Test Equipment for the radio amateur, HL Gibson 2nd edition1978

Training/Mentoring for Radio Amateur Licence Exams

Any new members or others interested in studying for the Foundation and Intermediate licence exams are invited to get in touch now.
Additionally, Intermediate licencees who are studying for their full licence exams can be offered mentoring.

SADARS is expecting to be added to the RSGB Online-training list imminently.

Contact Bryan (G8DKK) or email us here

Hampson Park on Tuesday evenings becoming a regular sked

Tuesday evening fieldwork at Hampson park is becoming a regular event while clubnights at Chells are suspended. Here are some photos from Stevenage and District ARS weekly 2m FM club net as G3SAD/P over the last four weeks. Members meet at 7:30pm with due regard for social distance and have enjoyed seeing and hearing everyone #GOTA2C. All welcome whether licensed or just interested/curious.

UPDATE: As groups of more than 6 are now illegal, we will meet on the air on Tuesdays 145.45 FM from 7pm approx. G3SAD will be in use.

Candidates complete Intermediate Licence training

On Friday 31st July the 4 candidates who have been taking part
in the on-line Intermediate Licence training with the club have completed their course.

All 4 have their remotely invigilated Intermediate Licence exams booked between August 20th and September 12th.

Best wishes for their Intermediate Licence exams to:-

Martin Hemmings M3YCM
Mark Lepetit M6MLP
James Wood M7DBK
Nigel Wright M6XEV

Listen out for G3SAD

Club members with full licences will soon be heard around the bands using the club callsign G3SAD. Members who would like permission to use the club callsign (in return for a completed adif of their log) are invited to contact Tom or Rob for details.

Could be fun to see who records the most interesting QSO’s and on each band and mode?

RSGB introduces remote invigilation for Foundation Exams

As a response to disruption caused by the pandemic, the RSGB now offers remote invigilation for online examinations and the Exam Department is now ready to receive online bookings . Initially this will be for Foundation only However, in due course this may be extended to the other licence levels and allowing remote invigilation by club invigilators.

All exam applicants still have to apply via their local club exam secretary,
Currently, the practical requirement for both the Foundation and
Intermediate courses is waived.

The RSGB publish regular updates about changes on the website under
education. For the process and other questions see “Exam FAQs

n.b. Remote teaching via Zoom may be available through SADARS but will prioritise current candidates

Shack in a box

Newer club members, perhaps those who have just passed the licence exams may not be aware that the club has a great deal of equipment that can be borrowed by members. For example, licensees may borrow our latest “Shack in a box” consisting of an FT-857 transceiver, a power supply unit and an antenna tuner. So, if you dont have your own equipment, there’s always the chance to borrow what you need whether for HF or VHF. Test equipment is available to borrow as well ranging from multimeters to network analysers and even a spectrum analyser. Contact Paul (G8WWI) for more information on the full range of equipment available to members.