Club Night Talk: Frequency Modulation

Bryan Harber presented a review and hands-on demonstration of the nature and mechanics of Frequency Modulation. Beginning with a demonstration using a signal generator and oscilloscope he visually demonstrated how AM “works” and then explained why FM cant be demonstrated visually the same way. Instead a spectrum analyser was used to do this. Discussion on multiple sidebands, bandwith and “channels”, “capture” and other licence-relevant matters followed. Powerpoint slides

Annual General Meeting

In preparation for the club AGM on March 10th , members are asked to provide Rob McTait with nominations for the M0JMC shield. This is awarded annually to a club member in recognition of their personal contribution to the club in the year.

An award is also made to a club member for the most interesting DX contact. So if you have a QSO you want to put forward for consideration please let Rob know.

January Competitions

Its been a busy start to the year with many club members taking part in the AFS Data and SSB competitions. Conditions were not brilliant but 7 members have taken part in the most recent SSB competition and the earlier datamodes competition was also supported. The results are awaited but increasing participation suggests a good start to the competition year.

Christmas meal at Cinnabar

There’s a social side to Amateur Radio too. This year, the SADARS Christmas dinner was held on December 17th at Cinnabar in the Old Town High Street Thanks to Tom Miller and others for organising and to Rob for the photos below.

Training for an Amateur Radio Licence

SADARS has recommenced training candidates interested to take the Foundation and Intermediate Licence Exams.

Getting started: the Foundation licence

To begin transmitting on amateur radio you need to pass a simple multiple-choice test called the Foundation exam.

Contact us to apply for and take your Foundation exam, plus information about fees and training. The club has registered trainers and assessors.

Already an amateur?

Why not step up to a higher power licence?

Stevenage and District ARS trainers and assessors can help you with the next step: the Intermediate Licence. You will need to have passed the Foundation exam to take the Intermediate exam.

In due course we hope to offer Advanced Exam training.