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PW Low Power Contest 2005

The PW 144 MHz QRP Contest on Sunday 12th June 2005 was another great day out.
We arrived at Deacon Hill at around 09.00 the weather was fine. It looked like we were going to have good luck as long as the rain stayed away. It was a bit windy when we got to the top of the hill, but not too bad.
We managed to get the mast and antennas together after a bit of “fine tuning” to the rotator (think it was down to the 14lb sledge hammer that sorted it out in the end). It was fun putting the gazebo up; it thought it was a kite.

Little helpers

The equipment used for the contest was a Yaesu FT-857 at 3 watts; the antenna system was a double quad 5 over 5 element at about 23ft which seemed to work better than the 12 element yagi at 10ft used last year.
We logged approximately 80 contacts (52 last year) throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

By the time the equipment was setup it was just after 10.00 BST and Mark G8AWO got his first contact. It was great to be supported by so many helpers and other members that came up to the site to visit us.
Helpers: Ken G0MKN, Gary G0ETA, Stan M3GKS, Maurice M0MLT, were all there from the start.
Visitors: Ron G4DDX, Malcolm G0UYN, Martin 2E0MJD, Paul G8IUG, Sean M1ECY and his son Calum, Anne M3NTM and former member Alan M1EQK.
Some members of the public showed some interest in what we were up to.

Which bit goes where?

There were a couple of young men flying a kite nearby. When it got so windy that the kite operator started to take off, it became clear that it was time to close down the site.
It took just about an hour to get everything packed away. Look forward to next year, let’s see if we can break our records, both QSO’s logged and people helping (Also more having a go at operating – it’s what the PW Contest is about).
If we were to make a weekend of the event, it could be useful for the foundation candidates as a practice time. It could help them in setting up a radio station including antenna systems etc. ready for the contest on the Sunday.

Thanks again to ALL that turned up, but mainly to Mark G8AWO who organised the event and supplied most of the equipment.

Peter G7HCL

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