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Operating Notes For June

Hi folks,

It has been put to me to put out a 'some information with a few handy pointers for operating GX3SAD/P over the forthcoming in no particular order the following springs to mind: -

- Where possible use GX3SAD/P as this indicates to the people that you are a 'Club' station.

- You should point them in the first instance to our splendid website WWW.SADARS.ORG which contains a wealth of info about SADARS.

- A short mention of QSL via G2BKZ will usually suffice...most people are clued up and those who are not can have the WWW.SADARS.ORG and WWW.QRZ.COM explained to them.

- You can describe as much or as little about our club as you wish.

- Keep a record of your log (Computer for preference, paper if that is all you have)...this will eventually be collated by G2BKZ into a master log for the month to check QSL's against.

- Other than mentioning the above feel free to make the contacts as quickly or in as rambling a manner as you so feel inclined...we all operate differently...put the call on as many modes as you can and above all have fun!

Any questions by all means ask on e-mail or phone

73 de Paul G0WAT